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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Drums

hear talking drums
ring-out with life
wishing you joy
erasing your strife
their songs speak of peace
the beauty of grace
they point to a manger
that cradled his face
the beating drums echo 
his heart filled with love
beating with passion
for you, most beloved
so dance to the music
let your heart soar
celebrate christmas
worship him more 

The talking drum is a very important part of Yoruba culture.  Here is a little more information about the "talking drum"

Why is it called the talking drum? The talking drum is an hourglass-shaped drum made from wood and goatskin. The drum is tagged the talking drum because it can imitate the lines, speech or words of a spoken language especially Yoruba. The interpretation of rhythm from the talking drum as earlier mentioned can only be done by individuals who have a grounded knowledge of Yoruba folklore. Interestingly, there are drum beats for different ceremonies ranging from funerals to christenings and inaugurations amongst others. The talking drum has two surfaces that are beaten with a bent or curved stick. The drummers are well trained and have the knowledge and understanding of Yoruba culture and traditions.
How it works. The talking drum is an interesting piece of musical instrument. Its hourglass shape makes it possible for it to be held under the arm. It is made of adjustable cords. These cords can determine the pitch of the drum. If the cords and strings are pulled hard, the sound or tone from the drum would increase and if the chords are softly squeezed, the sound will be low. This manipulation can only be perfectly implemented by an experienced drummer. This feature makes this drum different from other traditional drums.
Origin: The origin of the talking drum can be traced to the Old Oyo Empire in South-West, Nigeria. It was introduced as a means of communication during inauguration of the Alaafin of Oyo. It is also used during festivals and served as a signal to herald the arrival of an important personality. The talking drum is arguably one of the oldest traditional instrument in Africa. When next you travel for a festival or occasion in South-West, Nigeria, look out for the talking drum!
-- Connectnigeria.com

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