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My name is Jen Hathorn. I'm a family medicine physician. Since January 2015 I have been living in Egbe Nigeria, which is in Kogi State. I am serving at a bush hospital practicing full spectrum family medicine. I am working with an organization called World Medical Mission which is a part of Samaritan's Purse. This blog is my place to stay connected with you through stories, meditations and pictures. I hope that you enjoy reading the posts!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

If Missionaries Where Superhero's....

Artwork by my niece Rachel Tay

I had a thought today — 
What if missionaries were superhero’s
O how many things they’d do
They’d rid the world of fighting
Of anger, hate and coup’s 
They’d stop all reckless murder
And fix years of tribal war
Slavery’d be banished 
And rape would be abhorred 
Each child would have a perfect home
Where endless love was found
Cries of secret suffering 
Would turn to joyful sound
With superhuman power
They’d put food on every plate
Each and every widow would be 
Glad for what she ate
Corruption in each government
Would completely turn around
For each and every person 
New freedom would be found
Suffering would vanish
Every sickness would be cured
Death would be from good ‘ol age
All could rest assured 
If missionaries were superhero’s 
How amazing they would be 
Incredible disciples
For all the world to see
Up and down and all around
They never would be mad
They’d smile at every hurtful word
Finding ways to still be glad
Each provoke they’d answer kindly
With words of love and grace
Never tired of selfless sacrifice 
Never trying to save face 
In the heat of pressured moments
You’d always find them calm
In fact you’d often see them
Singing joyful worship songs
They’d live in perfect harmony 
With their neighbors and themselves
Gossip, slander, selfishness 
Would gather dust upon their shelf  
They’d smile as every visitor 
Told them exactly how to live
They’d sweetly see the good intent
Of the corrections that they give 
What if missionaries where superhero’s…..
Alas this thought is vanquished 
Drawn to reality on the ground
They’re human but not super
By the flesh they’re earthly bound 
The work they do is often slow
It’s hard to make much change
When faced with situations
That to them seem very strange
As for their interactions 
They might remind you of your own
Some good, some bad, some ugly
Are often what they show 
In-spite of all these limits
I think its safe to say
Their heart's desire to see good done
Just at times they lose the way
But now the story takes a turn 
To a secret held deep down
A source of extra power 
Can actually be found
An endless spring of goodness 
Of truth and power and grace 
Is there for every missionary
If they only knew the place 
The place is in the sanctuary 
Of the Glorious King of all
He gives this precious power 
When He hears His children call
So in truth it shouldn’t matter
If they wear a cape or learn to fly
It’s not the power which comes from self
It’s from the Lord on high
He’s the only superhero
To ever walk the earth
And it’s his work that matters
The only thing of worth

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